It's easy:

 1.  E-mail me at with an .MP3 file containing your recorded dictation, along with formatting instructions and deadline expectations.

 2.  I will return your e-mail to let you know whether I am able to meet your deadline and formatting expectations, and confirm that I am able to accept the project request.  I will send a contract for you to review.  Once the contract meets with your approval and you have returned it to me signed, I will begin the transcription project.

 3.  After transcribing, I will either attach your completed document in an e-mail or arrange for you to pick up the document from my web space securely, with watermarks, for your approval.  Should you require any changes to the document, at that time you may indicate those changes that you need.

 4.  Once the document is to your satisfaction, "sign off" with a return e-mail stating you are happy with the final document and forward payment.  Upon receipt of your payment, I will return the document to you again with the watermark removed.

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