Price List
Desktop Publishing:

Desktop Publishing is charged per working hour, meaning there is a flat fee per each hour it takes to complete your project.  Keep in mind that if you are able to bring your own design ideas to the table, the hours would be less than if you would like me to design your project from start to finish.

Fee:  $25 per working hour

Price is quoted per audio minute -- this means there is a flat fee per one minute's worth of transcription, regardless of how long it takes to transcribe.  Please see prices and descriptions below:

Easy -- $1.25 per audio minute

Medium -- $1.35 per audio minute

Difficult -- $1.50 per audio minute

To give a general idea of what price range General Transcription categories would fall into, here are some guidelines:


If I were transcribing a television talk show where there are generally two people speaking, an interviewer and a guest, there isn't very much talking over one another, this category of transcription should be considered Easy.

A television situation comedy or a movie is scripted, most would fall within the Easy range.


One person dictating notes into a recorder, speaking clearly, should be considered Easy.

One person dictating notes into a recorder, who does not speak clearly and who mumbles may be considered in the Medium price range.
Formal Meetings:

Office meeting where there are several people talking over one another would be considered at least the Medium price range, may be Difficult if there are six or more constantly speaking at the same time.


Recorded Statement taken over the telephone between a Claim Representative at an insurance  company and a claimant in an accident or a witness to the acccident would be considered Easy if the recording is clear and if there is not very much talking over one another.  If the recording quality is not clear, or if one person is very muffled, this could fall into the Medium category.


This would involve one dictator speaking into a recorder.  This would likely fall into the Easy category, unless there is an unusual problem understanding the speaker or with the quality of the recording.

The above examples are guidelines.  I would do my best to give you an estimate very quickly so we could come to an agreement of the price range before the work is done.